Proposal to adapt the monitoring strategy for genetically modified carnations

Advisory reports | 05.10.2021 | CGM/211005-01

In the European Union, import, distribution and retail of cut flowers of six genetically modified (GM) carnation events is authorised. One of the conditions of the authorisations is that the consent holder monitors whether any adverse effects on human health and the environment arise from handling or use of the GM carnations.
The consent holder recently submitted a request to discontinue the so-called ‘mail out’ that has been part of the GM carnation monitoring strategy in the last 12 years. The applicant provides a clear justification for the discontinuation of the ‘mail out’ and states that the other parts of the monitoring strategy will remain in place. Scientific literature and floral databases will continue to be reviewed and carnation breeders and botanists with an interest in Dianthus will still be asked to report any unusual hybrids.
COGEM is of the opinion that the monitoring methods that will remain in place are sufficient to allow a timely observation of any adverse effects on human health and the environment of the GM carnation cut flowers if these would occur. COGEM therefore advises positively on the proposed adaptation of the monitoring strategy.

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