Import and processing of the genetically modified soybean MON87705xMON87708xMON89788 with an altered fatty acid profile

Advisory reports | 19.04.2016 | CGM/160419-01

  • This application (EFSA/GMO/NL/2015/126) concerns import and processing for use in feed and food of genetically modified (GM) soybean MON87705xMON87708xMON89788;
  • This GM soybean MON87705xMON87708xMON89788 was produced by conventional crossbreeding of MON87705, MON87708 and MON89788;
  • COGEM advised positively on import and processing of all three parental lines;
  • The GM soybean contains the expression cassettes for cp4 epsps and dmo conferring tolerance to glyphosate and dicamba containing herbicides;
  • MON87705xMON87708xMON89788 contains a suppressor cassette for fatb and fad2 resulting in a modified fatty acid composition;
  • The molecular characterization of MON87705xMON87708xMON89788 is updated and meets the criteria of COGEM;
  • The chance that a feral soybean population will establish in the Netherlands is negligible;
  • Soybean cannot hybridise with other species in the Netherlands;
  • Import and processing of soybean MON87705xMON87708xMON8978 poses a negligible risk to the environment in the Netherlands;
  • COGEM abstains from giving advice on the potential risks of incidental consumption since a food/feed assessment is carried out by other organisations.


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