Cultivation of genetically modified maize line 1507×59122

Advisory reports | 25.03.2008 | 080325-02

This notification concerns the cultivation of the genetically modified maize line 1507×59122. The maize line harbors the cry34Ab1, cry35Ab1, cry1F genes and two copies of the pat gene conferring tolerance to glufosinate-ammonium-containing herbicides and resistance to certain butterflies, moths and beetles.
In Europe, wild relatives of maize are not present and establishment of maize plants in the wild has never been observed. There are no reasons to assume that the inserted traits will increase the potential of the maize line to establish feral populations. In addition, the appearance of volunteers is very rare under Northwest European agronomical conditions.
In her previous advice on cultivation of maize line 1507×59122 COGEM expressed concerns about the substantiation of the conclusion that maize line 1507×59122 exerts no negative effects on non-target organisms (NTOs). In addition, in COGEMs view the proposed general surveillance plan was too limited.  Because of these concerns COGEM could not issue a positive advice on the cultivation of maize line 1507×59122. The applicant was asked to provide more detailed and confirmatory data to underpin the conclusion that maize line 1507×59122 exerts no adverse effects on NTOs and to provide more information about the implementation of general surveillance.
The applicant provided additional information regarding the statistical relevance of existing laboratory studies, the representativeness of the selected NTO test species for the European situation, the methodology used to examine possible effects on NTOs and the general surveillance plan. In addition, data from additional laboratory experiments and field tests was provided.
Based on the additional information provided by the applicant and the considerations put forward in this advice, COGEM is of the opinion that the cultivation of maize line 1507×59122 poses a negligible risk to human health and the environment.

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