Cultivation of genetically modified maize 1507 x 59122

Advisory reports | 20.11.2007 | 071119-02

This notification concerns the cultivation of the genetically modified maize line 1507x 59122. The maize line harbors two copies of the same pat gene, which confers tolerance to herbicides containing glufosinate-ammonium. In addition, the maize line contains the cry34Ab1, cry35Ab1 and cry1F genes. These cry genes make the maize line resistant to certain butterflies, moths and beetles.
Previously, COGEM advised on the application for cultivation of the maize lines 59122 and 59122xNK603x1507. Based on the provided studies on non-target organisms (NTOs) COGEM expressed serious concerns about the substantiation of the conclusion that the indicated maize lines exert no negative effects on NTOs. These previously mentioned concerns remain, since the current notification does not contain any additional information regarding possible effects on NTOs. Furthermore, COGEM poses reservations with respect to the general surveillance plan. In the opinion of COGEM the surveillance plan proposed is too limited.
As a result of the concerns mentioned regarding the NTO studies and the general surveillance plan, COGEM cannot issue a positive advice on the cultivation of maize line 1507×59122.

This maize variety has been reviewed once more in 2008 by COGEM, see CGM/080325-02

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