Application for cultivation of genetically modified maize MON810: assessment of COGEM advice in view of EFSA opinions

Advisory reports | 29.09.2016 | CGM/160929-01
  • COGEM has been asked to advise on cultivation of genetically modified maize MON810;
  • MON 810 expresses the cry1Ab gene which confers resistance to certain lepidopteran pests;
  • MON810 was granted an authorisation for cultivation in Europe in 1998;
  • In Europe, market authorisations are granted for a period of ten years. Therefore, an application for renewal of the authorisation was filed in 2007;
  • In 2008, COGEM issued a positive advice on the application for renewal and concluded that cultivation of MON810 poses a negligible risk to the environment;
  • Several EFSA opinions have been published since COGEM’s advice;
  • The European Commission recently submitted its draft decision on the renewal of the authorisation for cultivation of MON810 to the Member States. In view of the upcoming vote on MON810, COGEM has been asked whether the EFSA opinions published since 2008 contain information that would change COGEM’s previous conclusions;
  • COGEM is of the opinion that the EFSA opinions do not contain information that refutes COGEM’s previous conclusions;
  • COGEM expresses reservations with regard to EFSA’s recommendations regarding rove beetles and non-target Lepidoptera.



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