Advisory report cultivation of genetically modified maize line 59122

Advisory reports | 12.06.2007 | CGM/070612-07

This notification concerns the cultivation of the genetically modified maize line 59122. The maize line harbors the genes cry34Ab1, cry35Ab1 and a pat gene conferring tolerance to glufosinate-ammonium-containing herbicides and resistance to certain Coleopteran insects such as the corn rootworm (Diabrotica spp.).
Previously, COGEM advised positively on the import of maize line 59122. In Europe, no wild relatives of maize are present and establishment of maize plants in the wild has never been observed. There are no reasons to assume that the inserted traits will increase the potential of the maize line to establish feral populations. In addition, the appearance of volunteers is very rare under Northwest European agronomical conditions. In the opinion of COGEM, the molecular analysis is adequate.
Based on the studies on non-target organisms provided, COGEM has some serious reservations about the conclusion of the applicant that maize line 59122 exerts no negative effects on non-target organisms.
Concerning the general surveillance and monitoring plan, COGEM is of the opinion that more attention should be paid to the possible development of a dominant form of Bt resistance.
COGEM is of the opinion that based on the studies and data provided, she can not perform a reliable environmental risk analysis with regard to the cultivation of this maize variety. Therefore, COGEM can not issue a positive advice on the cultivation of maize line 59122.

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