Update of the bacterial taxonomy in the classification lists of COGEM

Research reports | 12.11.2018 | CGM 2018-04

COGEM is regularly asked to advise on the pathogenicity classification of microorganisms. New classifications are periodically added to the COGEM lists of fungi, bacteria and virus pathogenicity classifications. During the actualization of the classification lists of pathogenic and apathogenic bacteria in 2017, some bacterial names appeared to be outdated. Therefore, COGEM commissioned a research project aiming to update the lists of bacterial names in line with the current taxonomy.
The research has been conducted by researchers from Perseus BVBA.  Using different online databases and literature sources, the authors concluded that for 294 out of 1360 studied pathogenic taxa and for 192 out of 976 apathogenic taxa a name change should be considered. The main rationale for a proposed name change was either a typographical correction, or a reclassification due to new insights into bacterial taxonomy.
The report was commissioned by COGEM. The contents of the report are the sole responsibility of the authors and may in no way be taken to represent the views of COGEM.

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