Renewal of the authorisation for import and processing of genetically modified maize line 1507

Advisory reports | 28.09.2015 | CGM/150928-01

In 2006 an authorisation for import and processing of maize 1507 was granted for ten years. COGEM has been asked to advice on the application for renewal of this authorisation.
1507 maize expresses the pat and cry1F genes. As a result, it is tolerant to glufosinate-ammonium containing herbicides and resistant to certain lepidopteran insects.
The application for renewal of the authorisation contains updated bioinformatic analyses, results from post-market environmental monitoring’ and an overview of relevant scientific literature.
COGEM has assessed the provided information and did not identify information revealing potential environmental risks of import and processing of 1507 maize. Therefore, COGEM’s previous conclusion that import and processing of this maize line poses a negligible risk to the environment remains valid.

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