Renewal application import and processing of soybean line 40-3-2

Advisory reports | 21.05.2008 | 080521-01

The notification by Monsanto Company concerns the renewal of the authorization for import and processing of the genetically modified soybean line 40-3-2. Previously, COGEM advised positively on import and processing and on cultivation of this soybean line.

To renew the authorization for import and processing of 40-3-2, the applicant has supplied updated information on the soybean line. However, an environmental monitoring plan is not provided because in the opinion of the applicant it is not relevant in this case. A monitoring plan consists of two parts. Within the scope of import and processing the case-specific monitoring plan is not required. Nevertheless, the general surveillance plan is legally required. General surveillance has been introduced to be able to observe unexpected effects of genetically modified crops on the environment. This refers to potentially adverse effects that were not anticipated on assessing the genetically modified organism.

COGEM regards a general surveillance plan important to detect unexpected effects. Although COGEM is of the opinion that import and cultivation of soybean 40-3-2 poses negligible risks for the environment in the Netherlands, COGEM considers a general surveillance plan necessary. Furthermore, in the opinion of COGEM the application does not fulfill legal requirements. COGEM is surprised that this application has passed the completeness check of the European Food Safety Authority.
Until a general surveillance plan is received, COGEM cannot advise positively on the renewal of the application for import and processing of soybean 40-3-2.

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