Plant material inactivation

Advisory reports | 11.12.2020 | CGM 2020-05

In the Netherlands, there are no genetically modified (GM) crops authorised for cultivation, but if seed of a conventional crop would become contaminated with GM seed (so-called inadvertent presence), unauthorised GM plants could nevertheless be present on a field. To prepare for future incidents with unauthorised GM plants, the Human Environment and Transport Directorate asked COGEM to advise on methods that can be used to destroy them.
In preparation for this advice, COGEM commissioned a research project on destruction methods for plant material. In the resulting report, which was written by Perseus B.V., different destruction methods and their advantages and disadvantages are described. Relevant plant species are classified in thirteen categories based on their biological characteristics. For each of these thirteen plant categories information is provided on the destruction methods which can be used to destroy the plant material in its different developmental stages.

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