Options for Containment of Genetically Modified Mobile Arthropods

Research reports | 18.04.2013 | CGM 2013-02

When research with genetically modified (GM) arthropods is carried out under containment (e.g. laboratoria, climate rooms or greenhouses) special attention is required to ensure that the GM arthropods do not escape containment. Basic regulations to contain GM animals exist, but due to the specific characteristics of arthropods (their ability to move, their size etc.) additional containment measures are often necessary when performing experiments with GM arthropods. The GMO office and COGEM commissioned a research project to gain insight in the containment measures that ensure optimal containment of GM arthropods.

The resulting report summarizes the relevant properties of different arthropod groups, the arthropod containment levels that have been used (inter)nationally and provides information that may be helpful when designing safe containment facilities and working procedures. In the report possible containment measures are listed for a number of arthropod groups.

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