Import of herbicide tolerant soybean SYHT0H2

Advisory reports | 25.03.2013 | CGM/130325-01

The present application (EFSA/GMO/DE/2012/111) concerns import and processing for use in feed and food of the genetically modified soybean line SYHT0H2. This soybean line expresses
the avhppd-03 gene and two pat genes. As a result, soybean SYHT0H2 is tolerant to HPPD inhibiting herbicides and to glufosinate ammonium containing herbicides.
The applicant showed by Southern blot analyses that two inverted and truncated copies of the insert are integrated at a single integration locus in the genome of soybean SYHT0H2 and
that the backbone of the plasmid used for transformation is absent. Bioinformatic analysis of the junctions of the insert and the soybean genomic DNA identified eleven open reading frames (ORFs). These junction sequences were analysed for similarities to known toxins or allergens. No similarities were found. The applicant also analysed translations of all six reading frames of the T-DNA insert for similarities to known toxins or allergens. Although the applicant provides data on a single match of nine identical amino acids, the full set of blast results is missing.
In Europe, there are no wild relatives of soybean and therefore, hybridisation with other species is not possible. Soybean does not possess any of the attributes commonly associated with problematic weeds such as seed shattering, dormancy and cold resistance. Establishment of feral soybean populations has never been observed in Europe. In addition, soybean volunteers are rarely observed throughout the world and do not effectively compete with other cultivated plants, weeds or primary colonisers. COGEM considers the General Surveillance plan adequate for import of SYHT0H2.
COGEM is of the opinion that incidental spillage of SYHT0H2 poses a negligible risk to the environment. COGEM abstains from giving advice on the potential risks of incidental consumption since a food/feed assessment is already carried out by other organisations.
COGEM notes that the full set of blast results is missing. COGEM is of the opinion that these results should be available to risk assessors such as COGEM. Provided that the blast data
is submitted en endorses the conclusions of the applicant, COGEM is of the opinion that the environmental associated with import and processing of soybean line SYHT0H2 are negligible.

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