Import, distribution and retail of herbicide tolerant red-purple carnation

Advisory reports | 29.05.2013 | CGM/130528-02

The present application by Suntory Holdings Ltd. of file C/NL/13/01, concerns the authorisation for the import, distribution and retail of genetically modified (GM) carnation variety SHD-27531-4. Carnation does not have weedy characteristics and although carnation is cultivated forcenturies carnation has never been found in the wild. The GM carnation variety SHD-27531-4 has a modified flower colour and is tolerant to sulfonylurea herbicides. These traits are not associated with a potential for weediness.
Carnation is not able to fertilise wild relatives spontaneously and, therefore, the risk of transfer of the introduced genes to related species is negligible. Formation of seed on cut flowers is highly improbable.
COGEM notes that the molecular characterisation, as presented by the applicant, does not meet COGEM guidelines. Specifically, the bioinformatic analysis of the putative proteins encoded by fusion ORFs spanning the junction between genomic carnation DNA and integrated T-DNA in transgenic carnation line SHD-27531-4 is incomplete. The applicant analysed these sequences from start codon to stop codon, while COGEM deems it necessary that the bioinformatic analysis is performed from stop codon to stop codon. As the dossier is incomplete the risk assessment cannot be completed.

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