Import and processing of soybean line A5547-127

Advisory reports | 18.09.2008 | 080918-02

The present notification by Bayer CropScience AG concerns the import and processing for use in feed and food of soybean line A5547-127. Cultivation is not part of this application.
Due to the presence of a pat gene, A5547-127 is tolerant to glufosinate-ammonium containing herbicides.
In Europe, wild relatives of soybean are not present and modern soybean cultivars do not possess any of the attributes commonly associated with problematic weeds. In addition, survival of soybean is not possible in the North-Western European climate. Establishment of feral soybean populations has never been observed in European countries. There is no reason to assume that the inserted gene would introduce or increase the potential for soybean to establish feral populations. Therefore, COGEM is of the opinion that incidental spillage of the soybeans will not pose a risk to the environment.
In consideration of these aspects, COGEM is of the opinion that the import and processing of soybean line A5547-127 poses a negligible risk to the environment.

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