Import and processing of maize variety MIR604

Advisory reports | 22.11.2005 | 051122-02

The present application concerns the commercial import and processing for use in feed and food of a genetically modified maize line. Cultivation is not part of the application. The maize line MIR604 is genetically modified by the introduction and expression of the gene cry3A that confers resistance to certain coleopteran insects. The insertion and expression of the gene pmi (manA), allows MIR604 to utilize mannose as a sole carbon source. The application only comprehends the import of maize. Therefore, release in the environment can only occur by spillage of maize kernels. In the Netherlands, no wild relatives of maize are present and establishment of maize plants in the wild has never been observed. There are no reasons to assume that the inserted traits will increase the now absent potential of the maize line to establish feral populations. Therefore, COGEM is of the opinion that incidental spillage of the hybrid maize line will not pose a risk to the environment in the Netherlands. In view of the aforementioned, COGEM is of the opinion that the risks for the environment and human health associated with the import and processing of the maize line MIR604 are negligible.

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