Import and processing of herbicide tolerant genetically modified maize VCO-01981-5

Advisory reports | 11.07.2016 | CGM/160711-01

  • The present application (EFSA/GMO/DE/2016/130) concerns import and processing for use in feed and food of genetically modified maize VCO-01981-5;
  • Maize VCO-01981-5 was produced by Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated transformation of hybrid maize line Hi-II with plasmid pAG3541;
  • The GM line expresses the epsps grg23ace5 gene conferring tolerance to glyphosate containing herbicides;
  • In the Netherlands feral maize populations cannot occur;
  • Hybridisation of maize with other species is not possible in the Netherlands;
  • There are no indications that expression of the introduced trait will alter the fitness of VCO-01981-5 maize;
  • The molecular characterization of VCO-01981-5 maize is adequate, but COGEM observed artefacts in some of the Southern blot figures. Therefore, it urges EFSA to retrieve and appraise the original data and figures in order to exclude the possibility of data manipulation.
  • Provided that the authenticity of the Southern blot figures can be verified, COGEM is of the opinion that import and processing of maize VCO-01981-5 poses a negligible risk to the environment in the Netherlands. COGEM abstains from giving advice on the potential risks of incidental consumption since a food/feed assessment is already carried out by other organisations.


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