Import and processing of GM cotton GHB614xLLCotton25xMON15985 and GM soybean MON87751

Advisory reports | 27.05.2016 | CGM/160527-01

In 2015, COGEM advised positively on import and processing of cotton GHB614x LLCotton25xMON15985 and soybean MON87751.     Recently, EFSA informed the GMO office that in 2015 not the most recent versions of these applications had been made available. EFSA corrected its mistake by uploading new documents, and re-opened the commenting period for these applications.
The GMO office has asked COGEM whether the information in the updated applications gives COGEM reason to reconsider its earlier advice.
COGEM assessed the data in the updated applications and concludes that its previous conclusions that import and processing of GHB614x LLCotton25xMON15985 cotton and MON87751 soybean pose a negligible risk to the environment in the Netherlands remains valid.

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