Import and processing of genetically modified soybean MON87701xMON89788

Advisory reports | 02.02.2010 | 100202-01

The present application of Monsanto Company (file EFSA/GMO/NL/2009/73) concerns the import and processing for use in feed and food of soybean line MON87701 x MON89788. Cultivation is not part of this application.
Soybean line MON87701 x MON89788 was obtained by conventional crossbreeding of the two parental lines MON87701 and MON89788. The hybrid line contains the cry1Ac gene, conferring resistance to certain lepidopteran insects, and the cp4 epsps gene, resulting in tolerance to glyphosate containing herbicides. In the opinion of COGEM, the molecular analysis of soybean line MON87701 x MON89788 has been adequately performed.

In Europe, closely related species of soybean are not present and soybean does not possess any of the attributes commonly associated with problematic weeds. Besides, establishment of feral soybean populations has never been observed in Europe. Hybridization with other species is not possible because there are no closely related species of soybean present. Due to the climatic and geographical conditions, survival of soybean is not possible in the Netherlands. Because there is no reason to assume that the inserted genes would introduce or increase the potential for soybean to establish feral populations, COGEM is of the opinion that incidental spillage of soybean will not pose a risk to  the environment.
In conclusion, COGEM is of the opinion that import and processing of soybean line MON87701 x MON89788 pose a negligible risk to the environment and has no objections against an authorization for import and processing of MON87701 x MON89788. COGEM points out that a food/feed safety assessment is carried out by other organizations. Therefore, COGEM abstains from advice on the potential risks of incidental consumption.


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