Import and processing of genetically modified cotton GHB811

Advisory reports | 01.04.2019 | CGM/190401-01
  • The present application (EFSA/GMO/ES/2018/154) concerns the authorisation for import and processing for use in feed and food of genetically modified (GM) cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) GHB811;
  • GM cotton GHB811 expresses the 2mepsps and hppdPfW336-1Pa genes, which confer tolerance to glyphosate and hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (HPPD) inhibitor containing herbicides, respectively;
  • In the Netherlands, cultivation of cotton is not possible and feral cotton populations do not occur;
  • Wild relatives of cotton are not present in the Netherlands, therefore hybridisation with other species is not possible;
  • The molecular characterisation of GM cotton GHB811 meets the criteria of COGEM;
  • There are no indications that the introduced traits alter the fitness of GM cotton GHB811;
  • There is no reason to assume that the introduced traits will allow GM cotton GHB811 to survive in the Dutch environment;
  • COGEM is of the opinion that import and processing of GM cotton GHB811 poses a negligible risk to the environment in the Netherlands;
  • COGEM abstains from giving advice on the potential risks of incidental consumption since a food/feed assessment is carried out by other organisations.
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