Evidence-based biosafety: a review of the effectiveness of microbiological containment measures

Research reports | 30.06.2008 | CGM 2008-02

Working with patogenic microorganisms and gmo's requires precautions that guarantee the safety of man and the environment. Laboratories has to be designed to contain gmo's. Rules and regulations were formulated for contained use of gmo's depending on the nature of the gmo. The 'Regeling GGO' consists of these guidelines. The report shows that these guidelines were largely developed on the basis of experience, common sense and expert judgement.

COGEM has commissioned a research assignment to verify whether common practice and guidelines for working safely with gmo's is based on scientific evidence by systematic literature review and to gain insight on the effectiveness on containment measures. The information can lead to a beter foundation of the current rules and give indications for future adjustments of the guidelines.


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