Effects of insect-resistant transgenic crops on non-target arthropods: first step in pre-market risk assessment studies

Research reports | 01.10.2005 | CGM 2005-06

This report is written by dr. E.J. Scholte and prof. dr. M. Dicke, Wageningen University.

To obtain permission for cultiviation of genetically modified crops, the applicant should provide data about potential adverse effects of the genetically modified plant to human health and the environment as part of EU legislation. These data should include potential effects of the genetically modified plant on organisms which are not the target of the activity of the inserted gene, the so-called non-target organisms. In the European guidelines it has not been specified which laboratory studies should be carried out by the applicant. In practice, the situation occurs that applicants use non-relevant organisms to study potential effect on non-target arthropods. In the underlying report, the authors make suggestions to improve the methodology.

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