Advice cultivation of maize variety 59122xNK603x1507

Advisory reports | 27.09.2007 | 070925-03

This notification concerns the cultivation of the genetically modified maize line 59122xNK603x1507. The maize line harbors two pat genes, a cp4epsps gene and three cry genes; cry34Ab1, cry35Ab1 and cry1F. The pat and cp4epsps genes confer tolerance to herbicides containing glufosinate-ammonium and glyphosate, respectively. In addition, the maize line is resistant to certain butterflies and beetles because of the introduced cry genes. Previously, COGEM advised on the application for cultivation of 59122 maize (1). In the opinion of COGEM, the molecular analysis of maize line 59122 was adequate. However, based on the provided studies on non-target organisms (NTOs), COGEM had serious concerns about the substantiation of the conclusion that maize line 59122 exerts no negative effects on NTOs. COGEM stated that an appropriate laboratory study should include a relevant statistical approach and a clear substantiated methodology. Also, additional data from laboratory experiments and field studies that apply to European field conditions should be supplied. Furthermore, NTOs should be studied which are representative of the insects present in maize fields in Europe. In the opinion of COGEM, a relevant study is a field study which is comparable to the current agricultural practice, including application of commonly used insecticides to control corn rootworm. In addition, a field experiment should be performed at the time of year that maize is normally cultivated. Otherwise, no relevant conclusions can be drawn regarding the effects of the genetically modified maize line on NTOs. Also, field experiments should be limited to one event and the number of controls should be sufficient to draw statistically significant conclusions.
All of the above mentioned conditions were not fulfilled. COGEM was therefore of the opinion that a reliable risk analysis could not be performed. As a result, COGEM could not issue a positive advice on the cultivation of maize line 59122.
The current notification does not contain any additional information regarding possible effects on NTOs compared to the information supplied in the notification concerning cultivation of 59122. Furthermore, additional information on possible effects on NTOs has not been received with regard to the notification for cultivation of maize line 59122. COGEM cannot advice positively on the notification for cultivation of 59122xNK603x1507 as additional information on possible effects of maize line 59122 on NTOs has not been provided.

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