Additional advice on import and processing of GM oilseed rape 73496

Advisory reports | 12.07.2021 | CGM/210712-01

In 2013, COGEM advised on the application for import and processing of genetically modified (GM) oilseed rape 73496. This oilseed rape event expresses the gat4621 gene which confers tolerance to glyphosate containing herbicides.
In this opinion, COGEM had two major and several minor comments. The Dutch Competent Authority submitted the two major concerns of COGEM to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). After publication of EFSA’s scientific opinion on import and processing of GM oilseed rape 73496, The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW) asked COGEM whether EFSA sufficiently answered the submitted comments.
One of the comments that was submitted to EFSA concerned the incomplete characterisation of the insertion region. COGEM assessed the additional information on the insertion site that was provided by the applicant, and is of the opinion that the insertion site is now adequately characterised.
The other comment concerned the Post Market Environmental Monitoring (PMEM) plan. COGEM advised to include monitoring of roadsides and railway beddings near oilseed rape transshipment and transport sites for spillage of GM oilseed rape and stacking of event 73496 oilseed rape.The applicant did not provide an improved PMEM plan. Therefore, COGEM’s concerns with regard to the PMEM plan of oilseed rape 73496 remain.
COGEM  is of the opinion that the PMEM plan needs to be adapted before an authorisation is granted and urges the European Commission to include the previously mentioned monitoring requirements in its Commission Decision on GM oilseed rape 73496.

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