Additional advice on import and processing of genetically modified cotton MON 88913

Advisory reports | 25.03.2014 | CGM/140325-01

Genetically modified cotton line MON88913 contains two cp4 epsps genes. As a result, the line is tolerant to glyphosate containing herbicides. In 2007, COGEM advised positively on import and processing of MON88913.1 She questioned several aspects of the general surveillance plan provided. However, as cotton cannot survive the northwest European climate a more detailed general surveillance plan is of less importance for the Netherlands.
Recently, EFSA published her opinion for placing on the market for feed and food uses, import and processing of cotton MON88913.2 EFSA concluded that in the context of its intended uses
MON88913 is unlikely to have any adverse effect on human and animal health and the environment.
The Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment asked COGEM whether the opinion of the EFSA GMO panel gives reason to reconsider her previous advice.

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