Additional advice on cultivation of glyphosate tolerant soybean 40-3-2

Advisory reports | 16.07.2012 | CGM/120716-01

Recently, EFSA published its opinion regarding the cultivation of genetically modified soybean 40-3-2. In its previous advisory report on cultivation of 40-3-2, COGEM concluded that cultivation of soybean 4-3-2 poses negligible risks to the environment. Although COGEM considered the supplied general surveillance plan acceptable, COGEM pointed out that the general surveillance plan could be improved. Furthermore, COGEM commented on the studies on non-target organisms that were part of the application. The Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (IenM) asked COGEM whether the recently published opinion of the EFSA GMO panel, including additional information from the applicant, sufficiently addresses previous comments of COGEM on this application.

COGEM notices that the molecular characterisation of soybean 40-3-2 contains some uncertainties, but is of the opinion that these are unlikely to affect the ecological characteristics of soybean 40-3-2.
In addition, COGEM is of the opinion that the shortcomings in the studies on non-target organisms are of less importance, as there is no indication that the transgenic CP4 EPSPSP protein could adversely affect non-target organisms.
COGEM is awaiting the revised harmonised general surveillance plan that is currently being developed by industry representatives. COGEM urges those involved to incorporate the principles previously published by COGEM in the revised harmonised general surveillance plan and to finalise the discussions on the content of this plan.

In conclusion, COGEM remains of the opinion that cultivation of soybean 40-3-2 poses a negligible risk to the environment.

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