Risk Classification of Organisms: Overview of apathogenic organismen other than viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites, classified by COGEM Status December 2021

Classification lists | 28.12.2021 | CGM/211228-02

The Netherlands Commission on Genetic Modification (COGEM) advises the Dutch government (amongst others) on the classification in risk groups (classes) of organisms according to the risk they pose to human health and the environment. These classifications are written in Dutch and are thereforeĀ only published on the Dutch part of the COGEM website.

COGEM has published a new overview of apathogenic organisms which do not fall under the current categories of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. In order to inform international organisations about the classification of these organisms by COGEM, this overview been translated. This overview concerns species that have been advised on since 2000. The organisms are categorized by micro-algae, other single-celled organisms, and multicellular organisms.

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