Recombinant Allergens: working safely with recombinant allergenic biologicals

Research reports | 26.02.2014 | CGM 2014-01

Allergens are a specific group of compounds within the toxic substances, since not everyone who comes in contact with these compounds develops an allergy. There are models for predicting allergenicity of low molecular weight (skin) contact allergens, but not for respiratory and food allergens. Scientists are more and more interested in allergens, since allergy is a growing concern in modern society. Genetic modification can be used to produce and modify allergens for scientific, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Allergens may also be introduced unknowingly as a result of genetic modification. The most important exposure routes are inhalation of aerosols and contact via skin or mucosa. In this research report, an overview is presented on the hazards of working with allergens in contained use (CU) conditions. Furthermore, the implications of safety measures that are necessary during the production of allergens are discussed.

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