Additional advice on the renewal of the authorizations for import and processing of genetically modified soybean 40-3-2

Advisory reports | 13.01.2011 | 110113-01

Recently, EFSA published her opinion on the application for renewal of the authorizations for the continued marketing of food, feed and/or other products containing, consisting of, or produced from genetically modified soybean 40-3-2.  Soybean line 40-3-2 is tolerant to glyphosate-containing herbicides due to the expression of the cp4 epsps gene and has been approved for processing and food and feed use in the European Union since 1996.

On basis on the information in the original application, updated studies in the present application and other scientific data, EFSA concluded that soybean line 40-3-2 is as safe as its conventional counterpart and is unlikely to have any adverse effect on human and animal health and the environment.1
The Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (the former Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment) asked COGEM whether the EFSA opinion sufficiently answers COGEMs previous comments on the application for renewal of the authorizations of genetically modified soybean 40-3-2.

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