Additional advice on cultivation of glyphosate tolerant GA21 maize

Advisory reports | 24.01.2012 | CGM/120124-01

In 2008, COGEM advised on the market application for cultivation, import and processing of the glyphosate tolerant maize line GA21.

Recently, EFSA published its opinion regarding this market application. COGEM was asked whether the EFSA opinion, including additional information from the applicant, gives reason to reconsider COGEMs previous advice.

In its previous advice, COGEM pointed out some weaknesses in the general surveillance plan. The applicant has updated its general surveillance plan. Some of COGEMs concerns are met by the updated general surveillance plan. Although it could be improved further, COGEM considers the updated general surveillance plan sufficient.

COGEM remains of the opinon that cultivation, import and processing of GA21 maize poses a negligible risk to the environment.

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