• Dr. C.E. Visser

    Amsterdam UMC location AMC

  • Prof. dr. J. Kortekaas

    Molecular virology and vaccine development
    Wageningen Bioveterinary Reserach and Wageningen University

  • Dr. B.P.H. Peeters

    Central Veterinary Institute, Virology

  • Dr. ir. G.P. Pijlman

    Virology, Wageningen University and Research

  • Prof. dr. J.P.M. van Putten

    University of Utrecht Infectiology, Chair Subcommittee Medical and Veterinary Aspects

  • Prof. dr. J.J. de Wit

    GD Animal Health, Poultry Health

  • Dr. S. Herfst

    Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam, Virology

  • Prof. dr. R.C. Hoeben

    Leiden University Medical Centre, Molecular Virology

  • Dr. T.G. Kimman

    Central Veterinary Institute, Virology

  • Dr. H. de Cock

    Microbiology, Mycology, Faculty of Science, Departement of Biology, Utrecht University