• Dr. A. Krom

    Leiden University Medical Center

  • Prof. dr. M. Boenink

    IQ Healthcare, Radboud University Medical Centre

  • Prof. M.C. Cornel, MD, PhD

    Amsterdam University Medical Centers, Department Clinical Genetics

  • Prof. dr. T.E. Swierstra

    University of Maastricht

  • Prof. dr. H.F.M. te Molder

    VU University Amsterdam, Chair Subcommittee Ethics and Societal Aspects

  • Prof. dr. E.H.M. Moors

    Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University, Sustainable Innovation in Life Sciences & Health

  • Dr. mr. L.M. Poort

    Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Faculty of Law Legal theory, regulation of biotechnology

  • Prof. dr. ir. P.C. Struik

    Centre for Crop Systems Analysis, Wageningen University Researchcentre

  • Em. prof. dr. A.J. Waarlo

    Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht University, Genomics Education and Communication

  • Drs. H. van den Berg

    Biomedical research, Independent consultant