Event Report “Gene Edited Animals; Applications and Implications”

Overige publicaties | 19.12.2017 | CGM/171219-01

On the 19th and 20th of October 2017 COGEM organised the symposium “Gene edited animals; applications and implications” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The aim of this international meeting was to provide insight into current developments in gene editing of animals, to draw up an inventory of the ethical and societal aspects linked to GM animals and the arguments raised in the public debate and to provide food for thought about its possible implications from a governance perspective.

During the two day meeting international experts from Europe, China, North and South America or Australia presented the latest developments in gene editing of livestock, population control of invasive pest animals using gene drives, gene editing of animals to develop novel models of human disease and organs for xenotransplantation, and gene editing as a tool to revive extinct species. The possible ethical and societal consequences of these new developments and the need for changes in governance and regulation were discussed.

The event report is now available.

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