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Advisory reports 21.04.2016

Report 'Amendment of list with containment measures for activities involving the contained use of GM plants'


For activities with genetically modified (GM) plants under contained use measures have to be taken to prevent the dispersal of the sequences introduced. Annex 7 of the Netherlands’ Genetically Modified Organisms Regulation includes a list of a large number of plant species stating whether specific containment measures are necessary in addition to the general containment measures laid down in the Genetically Modified Organisms Regulation to prevent the dispersal of introduced sequences through pollen, seed or reproductive plant parts.
From the results of the research project 'Review of plant characteristics for the purpose of the list with containment measures', it appears that some of the information in Annex 7 is obsolete. For some plant species changes are necessary in the naming, the stated pollination methods and/or the prescribed containment measures.
Along with this report COGEM has drawn up a revised list with containment measures that includes these changes. These changes will ensure that when working with GM plants under containment the dispersal of introduced sequences and any environmental risks arising from such will be adequately prevented. Where GM plants have been modified with sequences which code for a hazardous gene product, additional containment measures may be necessary.