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These are the projects COGEM is currently working on. Research projects are performed by third parties. The date is the estimated date at which the project will be completed.

RELEASE DATE 30.11.2017
Update on unauthorised GM petunias

Earlier this year following a request from the Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate, COGEM issued an advice on the possible environmental impact and destruction of the unauthorised GM petunias which had been detected in the Netherlands and elsewhere.  At the time of COGEM its advice, only limited information was available. It was known that the color of the GM petunia flowers had been altered and that the antibiotic resistance gene nptII had been introduced. Based on this information and taking the biological characteristics of petunia into account, COGEM concluded that the unauthorised GM petunias pose a negligible risk to the environment.
Additional analyses have been carried out resulting in more information on the transgenic elements present in the GM petunias. Therefore, COGEM will soon update its previous advice on the unauthorised GM petunias.

RELEASE DATE 21.12.2017
Guidance for the environmental risk assessment of GM crops that express multiple Bt toxins

GM crops are made resistant to certain insect pests by introducing genes from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis that code for Bt toxins. The trend is now for GM crops to contain several inserted genes that code for different Bt toxins. This raises new questions for the risk assessment that has to be made on applications for the cultivation of such crops, because there may be synergic interactions between the Bt toxins which could cause non-target organisms that are not affected by the individual toxins to be susceptible to the combined toxins.

The grounds on which COGEM has reached its conclusions and the resulting advice are set out in this report.